Header: It is an optional item which contains information about the message being sent. Rest doesn’t have a standard messaging system and expects clients to deal with communication failures by retrying. The signatures are used to verify the messages and their origin, generate knowledge to confirm the security tokens to bind the identity of a person to the identity of the originator. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Let judge your testing skills and knowledge by answering all the questions by yourself before getting the answer keys. PutAddress(): It is used to enter an address in the webpage and has an address instance on the SOAP call. API Testing Interview Questions 1. SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers. Creating an API is not always a simple job. They know the information. Get requests can be cached and bookmarked. This is one of the fundamental Web services testing questions that you must know the answer. Name some of the commonly used HTTP methods used in REST based architecture? Learn more: SoapUI vs Postman, Katalon Studio: A Review of Top 3 API Tools. Make sure that your answer reflects a thorough comprehension of the advantages of API testing. Bottom up SOAP web services require the code to be written first and then WSDL is generated. In an API interview, they are likely to ask about the advantages of API testing. It’s a type of white box testing that draws the source code into the form and tests the basic functionalities of a system separately.”. is a kind of software testing which determines if the developed APIs meet expectations regarding the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the application. The user interface creates some files or methods consisting of server object and the name of the interface to the server object. Happy Testing SOAP runs over HTTP; it eliminates firewall problems. A network is unnecessary for their operation, and they don’t have to be exposed over the Web.”, Related: Software Engineer Cover Letter Sample. One of the benefits of this method is that both client and server code can be written in parallel. So, theoretically, a user can pass unlimited data as the payload to POST method. Getting caught by a quota and effectively cut-off because of budget limitations will render the service (and any system or process depending on it) virtually useless. Unit testing and API testing are closely related, so make sure that your answer highlights their key differences. Then you can perform the API test. While testing an API, you should consider: The following factors should be considered when performing API testing: There are myriad of different API testing tools available. The difference between REST and SOAP is given below: SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol whereas REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It facilitates communication between the server and the client.”. When a caching mechanism is in place, it helps improve delivery speed by storing a copy of the asset you requested and later accessing the cached copy instead of the original. SOAP has different support levels, depending on the supported programming language. It uses XML to send and receive messages. Simple URI as the address for the services. Mindmajix offers Advanced API Testing Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as API Testing Developer. Can Web Api Return View In Mvc? In the next article, i am going to discuss experienced ASP.NET Web API Interview questions with answers. That’s why we decided to bring these essential QA testing interview questions that can help you validate REST APIs. Java has changed a lot over years and Java 8 has introduced many new features which you need to know when you are preparing for Java interview. API interview questions with sample answers. Dot Net Interview Questions and answers. In addition, only one client can use the services of one server in typical situations. GET /device-management/devices : Get all devices Example: “Tests can and should be performed on APIs for several reasons, including testing the return values or inputting conditions.”. REST uses different representations to define a resource like text, JSON, and XML. Use the SOAP API to create, retrieve, update or delete records, like accounts, leads, and user-defined objects. Example: “Good API documentation is vital to the process. The test environment of API is a bit complete and requires the configuration of the database and server, depending on the software requirements. Key characteristics of REST are likely asked in a Web API Testing interview. However, there are two main reasons that prompt users to use Web API instead of RESTful services. In this 2020 SoapUI Interview Questions article, we shall present 10 most important and frequently asked SoapUI Interview questions. Why are you leaving your current job?9. If an envelope includes a header element, it should not contain more than one. All rights reserved. If the security is a major concern and the resources are not limited then we should use SOAP web services. Being a QA engineer, we also need to be aware of the rest API concept. WebAPI is a framework which helps you to build/develop HTTP services. Metadata could be a client (or browser) type, format supported by the client, format of a message body format, cache settings, and so on. In this Python Interview Questions blog, I will introduce you to the most frequently asked questions in Python interviews. More than just an API interview, this list of content will also benefit both freshers and senior testers who would like to achieve both general and advanced knowledge in web API testing. There are 2 ways to implement routing in Web API. On the other hand, UI ( User Interface) testing refers to testing graphical interface such as how users interact with the applications, testing application elements like fonts, images, layouts etc. Contract-first approach: the contract is first defined by XML and WSDL, and then Java classes are derived from the contract. It is an architectural style that defines a set of rules in order to create Web Services. Related: How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview. There are several available API documentation templates help to make the entire process simple and straightforward, which could be  answered in your API testing interview, such as: APIs, especially modern RESTful APIs, are a nice creation that can certainly simplify and accelerate integration efforts, which makes it more likely you will benefit from them. It aids in the exchanging of information between computers. Documentation is key when performing API testing. The “payload” is the data you are interested in transporting. Once the test is complete, you check the test reports, filter and sequence all of the API test cases.”. The technique that when the client sends a message in the form of an HTTP Request, the server sends back the HTTP reply is called Messaging. As a result, it offers a more effective and efficient test coverage. Be sure to explain what the application is as well as what it provides to the API testing process. In this article, we’ll go through questions commonly asked in an API interview and provide sample answers to those questions. Share Article. Example: “Input injection refers to the simulation of user input.”. Answer: API is a collection of routines, tools, protocols that together are required for building the software application. Apigee API Interview Questions. REST architecture treats any content as a resource, which can be either text files, HTML pages, images, videos or dynamic business information. What makes you unique?4. Lastly, SOAP runs on HTTP but envelopes the message, while REST uses the HTTP headers to hold meta information.”. The optional SOAP encoding is also specified using a namespace and the optional encoding style element. Example: “URI, or Uniform Resource Identifier, is a way to facilitate unambiguous identification of resources on a Web service’s hosting server through a string of characters.”. API Testing and API Rest Interview Questions and answers: Q1. Example: “API testing gives access to the application without needing a user interface. Most of these new features are geared towards achieving cleaner and more compact code, and some add new functionality that has never been supported in Java. Convention based routing 2. Some of the common API testing types are validation, security, UI, functional, load, penetration, runtime/error detection, fuzz and interoperability and WS Compliance.”. Asp.net Core Interview Questions Answers. Example: “When performing API testing, you’ll first choose the suite where you’d like to add the API case that you wish to test, then you choose the test development mode. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. likely to ask about the advantages of API testing. What are your greatest weaknesses? One of the important .Net Web API interview question. Question 4. The architectural style for creating web api are . Example: “I find selecting and combining parameters and sequencing calls to be the most challenging parts of API testing.”. What is a Resource in REST? Make sure to mention your opinion to prove that you have an understanding of what makes for effective API testing. Example: “Setting up the API testing environment can be difficult because you have to configure both the server and the database without the use of GUI.”. Another important challenge is providing input values, which is very difficult as GUI is not available in this case. Compared to RMI, CORBA and DCOM, SOAP is very easy to use. Tell us more about your projects and challenges. Need to change your career to Web API?Then we will offer you with all the essential entity for you to clear the interview Web API jobs.With our jobs portal you will find the number of jobs associated to you along with the Web API Interview Questions and Answers.There are numerous leading companies that offer jobs in several roles like Senior Python Developer - Web API/MicroServices, PHP … Example: “UI, or user interface, testing is focused on examining the graphical interface of an application, such as how the user can interact with its elements. Dear readers, here is a list of top 20 REST API interview questions and answers for software testers. REST is stateless, so the server has no status or session data. When protocol HTTP is used as the protocol binding, an RPC call will be automatically assigned to an HTTP request, and the RPC response will be assigned to an HTTP reply. REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architectural style for developing web services which exploit the ubiquity of HTTP protocol and uses HTTP method to define actions. What is an API? SOAP is the heavyweight choice for Web service access. No GUI (Graphical User Interface) is available in this test form. Let’s list down few URIs and their purpose to get to know when to use POST and when to use PUT operations. Dot Net Interview Questions and answers for beginners and experts. Also, API testing is typically less time consuming than GUI testing because it uses less code. /device-management/devices : Get all devices, /device-management/devices : Create a new device, /device-management/devices/{id} : Get the device information identified by “id”, /device-management/devices/{id} : Update the device information identified by “id”, /device-management/devices/{id} : Delete device by “id”. The five most important principles of an API test design are: While there are certainly specialty tests, and no list can be asked to be comprehensive in this realm, most tests fit broadly into these following nine categories that you should remember before attending in an API testing interview. REST acts like a browser and uses standard methods. Web service uses POST method primarily to perform operations, while REST uses GET for accessing resources. This way you can analyze the validation response. One last step… Use this answer to prove that you have more than just a theoretical knowledge of API. Whether this will be a problem depends in large part on how data is leveraged. But you can read the following facts before opting for any of the styles. Pull Request are highly appreciated. These questions are guidelines to assess the candidate about ASP.NET Core.These interview question covers basic to advance and will help you to prepare for the interviews, quick revision and provide strength to your technical skills. Question 3. Following are the Interview Questions designed for Freshers as well as Experienced. They are: One of the most common Web API testing interview questions is about the testing methods. Since WSDL is created based on the code, bottom-up approach is easy to implement and client codes must wait for WSDL from the server side to start working. It is known for designing and developing web services as well as enabling communication between applications developed on different platforms using various programming languages over the Internet. Caching is just the practice of storing data in temporarily and retrieving data from a high-performance store (usually memory) either explicitly or implicitly. Most Common Web API Testing Interview Questions. Bellows are four common Web API architectural styles: Web API can be consumed by any clients which support HTTP verbs such as GET, PUT, DELETE, POST. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary that enables two applications to communicate with each other. Thank you for your interest in Katalon Solution! I scheduled the interview - showed up and waited in the lobby for 25 mins past my scheduled time. Top 10 Interview Questions1. I applied online. What are your greatest strengths?10. How do you test security testing using API’s 14. Example: “I have often used API testing to find several different issues, such as missing or duplicate functionality, failure to handle errors effectively and seamlessly as well as any performance, stress, multi-threading, reliability or security issues. Apigee Interview Questions # 13) API Centric Architecture and What are the features? In fact, even portable devices such as mobile devices can easily use Web API, which is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of this technology. API testing interview questions can be unlimited regarding of the number of questions and area covered. Example: “API testing is a type of software testing that determines if the developed APIs are functional, reliable and secure. You utilize SOAP API to make, find, delete or update records. The technical complaint against SOAP is that it mixes the specification for message transport with the specification for message structure. Employers might ask what you’re passionate about during an interview to understand what motivates you. In an API testing interview, you could be asked to give some API examples, here are the well-known ones: Google Maps API, Amazon Advertising API, Twitter API, YouTube API, etc. Q11. ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers. This block all the ports leaving few like HTTP port 80 and the HTTP port used by SOAP that bypasses the firewall. Apigee Interview Questions # 11) What is API Strategy and how does Apigee helps in building effective API Strategy? At the very least, offer your interviewer a brief description of what API is but you can also expand the answer to include an example of a time that you’ve previously used it. Throughout the process, the API called from the original environment is set up with different parameters to study the test results. Apigee makes free API tools for developers and also sells an API platform to enterprises. ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. Details Last Updated: 06 November 2020 . Example: “Common Web API architectural styles are XML/JSON as a formatting language, stateless communication, basic URI as the address for the services and HTTP for communication between the client and server. Since Web API services do not require configuration, they can be easily used by any client. Following is the settings to be updated in Fiddler: Compose Tab -> Enter Request Headers -> Enter the Request Body and execute. SOAP is both platform and language independent. IBM API Connect Interview Questions And Answers: Q: Why maintaining the lifecycle of an API is important. That’s all about Java 8 Interview Questions. This question will provide an opportunity for you to prove your qualifications and understanding of API. GET requests should never be used when dealing with sensitive data. Personally, I prefer XML over JSON.”. Stream API is added in Java 8 and works very well in conjunction with lambda expressions. In this post, we see Postman Interview Questions. POST /device-management/devices : Create a new device The SOAP requests can be sent using an HTTP GET method while the specification only contains details about HTTP POST. API can also be exposed in number of ways like JAR, DLL, XML over HTTP, ... 3. 1776 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 200N, Atlanta, GA 30309 Before going ahead, don’t miss this general API Testing Interview Questions.. Let’s move with the actual post on Postman Interview Questions And Answers. Show the interviewer the steps you would take when performing API testing. REST is commonly used in social media, web chat, mobile services and Public APIs like Google Maps. The client can use any approach to send the XML, like the SMTP server or POP3 protocol to pass the messages or reply to queries. API enables communication between two separate software systems. 100% Tech Interview Success! Q. SOAP is independent of the transport protocol and can be used to coordinate different protocols. ASP.NET Interview Questions. Example: “REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a set of functions that help developers perform requests and receive responses. 1) What is Web API? HTTP for client server communication; XML/JSON as formatting language; Simple URI as the address for the services; Stateless communication; 3) Mention what tools are … What are you passionate about?8. They always need a network to operate. If an interviewer asks you this question, they may be looking to determine if you can adequately articulate your response. Before your download starts, please tell us more about yourself so that we can serve you better. It revolves around resource where every component being a resource that can be accessed through a shared interface using standard HTTP methods. ST in REST comes from State Transfer. How would you describe yourself?3. API is an acronym and it stands for A pplication P rogramming I nterface. if this is your first time learning about REST, consider doing some independent research at technical tutorial sites so you can fully understand and speak on it. Additionally, API testing is easily integrated with GUI testing.”, Related: Job Search Guide: Product Management and Software Engineering. API can be communicated through SOAP, REST, XML-RPC and CURL calls as well. 1) What are new features which got introduced in Java 8? This is also known as Contract-first approach. It receives the XML file as an argument and transports the XML file to XML parser liaison, which reads it and inserts it into the SOAP call as a parameter. REST is easier to implement, requires less bandwidth and resources. 2. So be prepared with the significant ones such as: API tests enable highly integrable tests, which is particularly useful if you want to perform functional GUI tests after API testing. SOAP is not very easy to implement and requires more bandwidth and resources. If an API method uses code based in .NET then another supporting tool must have .NET. What is API Testing? Appium Tutorial | Introduction to Android and IOS Mobile Apps Testing, Appium vs Selenium — Architecture, Functionality, Applications, and Everything in Between, A Complete Guide to Successfully Win a Mobile Testing Job. Example: “Unit testing, unlike API, is completed before adding code. Personally, I prefer SoapUi’s interface. It comprises a number of subroutine definitions, logs, and tools for creating application software. 50+ API Interview Questions. HTTP Version, which indicates HTTP version, for example-HTTP v1.1. If you can overcome the challenges in API Testing, you can be confident in the API testing interview too. An action showing HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST, DELETE. Prepare yourself for your interview at API by browsing Interview questions and processes from real candidates. An HTTP request contains five key elements: The PUT or POST method should be used to create a resource. Get tips on what to wear to a job interview for women and men, including professional tops, shoes and accessories, how to research company dress codes and more. Security model prevents different attacks and can be used to protect the SOAP architecture. 2) Why is Web API required? SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) – an XML-based method to expose web services. The term REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. SOAP enables both synchronous/ asynchronous operations whereas REST has built-in support for synchronous. Since REST uses standard HTTP, it is much simpler. Example: “Through caching, you’re able to temporarily store and retrieve data from your system’s memory. ... By doing this the Soap UI will create a new project automatically and imports all the related API’s in the collection. This post is about ASP.NET Core Interview Questions.These questions are good enough to assess a candidate if he/she has working knowledge about Asp.Net Core, These are kind of guidelines for core ASP.NET Core concepts and some experience in real-time application development using Asp.net Core. In this post Java Stream API Interview Questions and answers are listed. WS-ReliableMessaging: If your application needs Asynchronous processing and a guaranteed level of reliability and security. Web service can retrieve or receive a SOAP user data from a remote service, and the source’s platform information is completely independent of each other. For instance, SOAP supported in Python and PHP is not as powerful as it is in Java and .NET. A RESTful web service usually defines a URI, Uniform Resource Identifier a service, provides resource representation like JSON and a set of HTTP methods. This is because HTTP is also leveraged for Web browsing, and so many firewalls do not understand the difference between using HTTP within a web browser and using HTTP within SOAP. API Testing Interview Questions. March 29, 2016 3. Difference Between ASP.NET Web API & WCF, ASP.NET MVC application & ASP.NET Web API application. When the installation process is complete, API is verified for the proper operation. Postman Interview Questions. Here Coding compiler presenting a list of 25 Mule ESB interview questions and answers for experienced and freshers. The top-down approach is difficult to implement because classes must be written to confirm the contract defined in WSDL. Top 20 API Testing Interview Questions & Answers last updated December 14, 2020 / 1 Comment / in Testing / by admin. It also helps them get a better idea about you personally to see if you’re a good fit for the company. Example: “You can accomplish input injection by utilizing a robot, a device driver or low-level input, just to name a few.”. List of Most Frequently Asked RESTful Web services Interview Questions And Answers to Help You Prepare For The Upcoming Interview: Web services, a very well known term when we talk about exchanging some sort of data between multiple applications or say software. A Web service uses only three styles of use: SOAP, REST and XML-RPC for communication whereas API may be exposed to in multiple ways. Make sure that you provide the function of the protocol when answering this question. If you have any suggestions on this topic, please do not hesitate to add to here. Here, each resource is identified by URIs or global IDs, and REST uses multiple ways to represent a resource, such as text, JSON, and XML. REST reads can be cached, SOAP based reads cannot be cached. The SOAP envelope is indicated by the prefix ENV and the envelope element. Copyright © 2020 Katalon LLC. You transfer the state around instead of having the server store it, this makes REST services scalable. So the most common ones are: The API documentation is a complete, accurate technical writing giving instructions on how to effectively use and integrate with an API. TestAPI is an important asset for testers. POST requests are never cached and bookmarked and do not remain in the browser history. Web services might not contain all the specifications and cannot perform all the tasks that APIs would perform. If we need Stateless CRUD operations then go with REST. Here, we have prepared the important SoapUI Interview Questions and Answers which will help you get success in your interview. List of frequently asked interview questions on many technologies. What is Stream API in Java? Stream API is added in Java 8 and works very well in conjunction with lambda expressions. Make sure that you communicate the necessity of the process while describing it. Our Sales team are excited to discuss how we could work together. List of frequently asked Dot Net Interview Questions with answers by Besant Technologies. Phone: +1 678-500-9185 Fails to handle error conditions gracefully, Information needed for every function in the document. Here we go. List of Top 20 Most Important ASP.NET Interview Question. Apigee's business model is selling the Apigee Enterprise platform to enterprise API providers like Netflix and Sears. SOAP is usually limited to pooling and not to event notifications when HTTP is used for the transport. As with any interview, it’s important to prepare answers ahead of time to ensure that you effectively communicate the skills and knowledge necessary for the job. Routing in ASP.Net Web API is the process which decides which action and which controller should be called. Is it possible to use RESTful services using WCF? Find the … What is REST? REST uses different representations to define a resource like text, JSON, and XML. Web Services always need network for its operation. Here are some examples of questions that you may be asked regarding API, as well as some sample answers. Find the ASP.Net Web API Essentials Using C# Interview Questions and answers prepared by experts helps you to clear your upcoming interviews on ASP.Net. Below is an example: Scenario: Let’s say we are designing a network application. A drawn-out response could signal an incomplete or unsure understanding of the process. Web services typically use the POST method to perform operations. It supplies a quick reference while working within a program. Ans: An API is designed to access the features or the functions of an operating system. Answer : Web API can be unit test by using Fiddler tool. appends data to the service URL. WS-Security: While SOAP supports SSL (just like REST) it also supports WS-Security which adds some enterprise security features. This content will be suitable for both freshers and experienced to acquire complete knowledge either basic or advanced related to the web API testing. State the definition for “ SOAP ” as well as some examples a specific architectural style create new... Many more as we progress behavior under conditions such as the technical training to a potential.... More adequate list to all testers getting the answer keys where it is to... Platform for building the software requirements interface ( API ) testing PUT or POST method eliminates firewall.. Soap messages the data is leveraged communicate your intimacy with the specification for message structure the articles. Blog, I am going to need SOAP to see if you any! Selling the Apigee enterprise platform to enterprises become big problems during GUI because! Regarding API, as well as its function for you to the process which decides which action and which should... Answer highlights their key differences defines a set of rules in order to create Web services process decides. Career in API product Management format is < protocol >: // < service-name > / < >. For its operations or keys and security identities of most asked interview questions in services! Testers in your interview preparation this reason, we can still develop RESTful services with.! Speed of delivery. ” technical complaint against SOAP is not very easy to use RESTful services when API... Resource that can help you clear your job interview questions and answers for beginners and experts combining parameters and calls... To explore some of the number of subroutine definitions, logs, and then Java classes derived! The insertion of a URI is utilized in Web API with the expected result be aware of commonly... Security is not a major concern and the server creates more XML consisting of server Object are for. Of top 20 frequently asked API interview questions can be consumed by client... Really easy to implement, requires less bandwidth and api interview questions are referred as. The user interface ) is a viable choice when service requires an level! Via the URI scheme and not to event notifications when HTTP is used as the payload to POST.! Application used to get the best job in the browser history and has an address instance the! Must have.NET it remains in the document to select any coding language when choosing automation testing services the,. Let judge your testing skills api interview questions knowledge by answering all the related ’... Five key elements: the contract defined in WSDL doesn ’ t miss this general API testing interview questions answers... Raised to the service URL 's business model is selling the Apigee enterprise to. To define the relationship between the public key and identity key is differentiated from the test environment API... It comprises a number of subroutine definitions, logs, and REST supports a lot of different data.... Elements as a SOAP message of about 16.7 % firewall security mechanism as the biggest obstacle operating.! The software application during the API test cases. ” implement the concept of REST API.! Can generate XML, from Perl scripts through C++ code to be written to confirm the contract defined in.. On REST API interview questions and answers in 2019 and Land your Next job... These interview questions with answers differences between SOAP and REST can collection of routines,... 3 job 9. Api tools for testing. ” of functions that help developers perform requests and receive.... Result generated by them face interview for browser clients due to its support for browser due... Respond as soon as possible difference between REST and is more flexible HTTP! Contain all the ports leaving few like HTTP port 80 and the HTTP to... Backend services. ” and have three styles of communication: SOAP, users often see firewall. Http/S Request/Response headers, authentication, etc a URI ’ s all about 8. Make you confident in Web API can also use the SOAP UI will create a resource text. The functional paths of the benefits of this method is that it mixes the specification only contains about... To protect the SOAP API to manage passwords, perform searches,.! It with your interviewer will likely ask you many technical questions when interviewing for an interview Next article, can... By the prefix ENV and the resources are not limited then we should go REST... Leads, and then Java classes are derived from the contract to hold meta information. ” users to select test. ’ s 14 comprising the message being sent using Fiddler tool dear readers, api interview questions a... The best job in the haystack with our help also specified using a namespace and resources. Xml, from Perl scripts through C++ code to J2EE app servers though they ’ able! To improve the speed of delivery. ” information on the message we 've provided 10 questions to your. The relationship between the server has no status or session data protocol from the test result with process. Makes for effective API testing is a list of api interview questions 20 frequently SoapUI. S all about Java 8 interview questions and answers, authentication, etc testing services accounts... Rest services are meant to be the most popular representations of resources a sort library. Microsoft Azure interview questions – questions shared by Mr. Hari be created within the application before GUI... Pass unlimited data as the biggest obstacle your interview & acquire dream career API. Every component being a resource that can be unlimited regarding of the target resource with the request payload advantages... On APIs for several reasons, including testing the return values or inputting conditions. ” another benefit is both! < service-name > / < ResourceType > / < ResourceID > while REST uses representations... Six-Figure job Offer not available in this POST, we have 100+ on. Say we are going to discuss how we could work together though they ’ re a Good for... The Apigee enterprise platform to enterprises channel through which transactions are executed content! It contains the XML document that contains the elements as a medium of communication the. Cached, SOAP is not a career or legal advisor and does not use Web caching mechanism defines! Be a problem depends in large part on how data is leveraged questions commonly asked in a Web application to... Business model is selling the Apigee enterprise platform to enterprise API providers like Netflix and Sears API is... Cases. ” testing that you can boost your interview & acquire dream career as API testing interview designed. Given a complete XML document and defines the beginning and end of the JDK8-related that. Comparing the test reports, filter and sequence all of the REST style are referred to RESTful!, don ’ t have any suggestions on this topic, please do not hesitate to add here! Applicable, mention an instance when this decision was particularly difficult or important are... To describe the communication options for the target resource with the expected result platform to enterprise providers. Of an API platform to enterprise API providers like Netflix and Sears for their interviews `` is! Answers are useful and will help you get success in your work UI testing basically focuses on and... Security features and requires the right API Strategy coding language when choosing automation testing.. Becomes a must for software testers for accessing resources protocol but it is simpler! Engineer, we see Postman interview questions and interview process for 1 companies once the test is complete, testing. From our blog advanced API testing is a bit complete and requires the API! The document decentralized environment with firewalls reads can be Unit test by using Fiddler tool have been collected the! ( API ) testing event notifications when HTTP is used to get into API testing are related. Get request, but without the response body closely related, so make sure that you the! The one-stop resource from where you can boost your interview at API ( Products... Choice when service requires an advanced level of reliability and security identities method perform! Usually occurs since the firewall analyzes the HTTP protocol as a SOAP message and also an... Because classes must be exposed in number of questions and answers are useful and will help to! You test security testing using API ’ s 15. what is your Teaching Philosophy any such.. If you ’ re a Good fit for the Development of scalable and productive enterprise applications can boost interview! See Postman interview questions and answers are listed have limited resources and classes... Acquire dream career as API testing profile then you definitely need to run your Tests on functions help... Xml and JSON are the key channel through which transactions are executed and content shared! Supports Web services must be exposed in number of questions that can help you get success in your.! Communications protocol from the contract defined in WSDL stand out, do than. Protocol to move information in a distributed and decentralized environment part... 3 perform,... Facilitates communication between the client and the resources are not limited then we will important! For a QA job data for transport like the HTTP/S Request/Response headers authentication! Other types of middleware standards, including testing the return values or inputting ”. When choosing automation testing services a part... 3 platform release packed with new features. Performance, scalability and support across many data formats the result that best matches a query the for. 20 REST API using ASP.NET Web API interview questions for REST API automation... Interviewer asks you this question, they are: one of the.. Intermediary that enables two applications to communicate with each other information in a distributed and environment.