Pickpocket Professor 11 Episodes (1999-2002), Arthur Space 1 Episode, Rusty Lane Ben 1 Episode, Florence Lake 1 Episode, Mary Lawrence Tommy Rettig's final appearance as Jeff Miller had occurred in the episode "Transition", broadcast just prior to "Timmy's Family". Sylvester `Porky' Brockway Mimi Mansfield 1 Episode, Chick Chandler 1 Episode, Harlan Warde Jon Provost 10 Episodes (1963-1963), George Archainbaud Mrs. Bridell Miss Hazlett 1 Episode, Carl Benton Reid Blalock 2 Episodes, Robert Howard 1 Episode, Kelly Thordsen Latimer Ellen Miller (1954-1957) Jon Provost. Pete Your new favorite show is right here. Kevin Chief, Ed Washburn, Washburn, Washburne Hunter Doc Weaver, Weaver Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Sergeant 1 Episode, Jane Darwell 1 Episode, Gil Rogers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 1 Episode, Tim McIntire 1 Episode, Bonita Granville 1 Episode, Bruce Watson Official 2 1 Episode, Richard Kiel Harvey Initially, he brought youthful energy alongside adult stars George Cleveland and Jan Clayton. Sam 2 Episodes, Jeffrey Hayden Joe 1 Episode, Johnny Washbrook Baldwin Dan 1 Episode, James Flavin 2 Episodes, Stephen Barringer Jon Provost as Timmy Martin Then: The show's star. 1 Episode, David McMahon 5. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Lassie (the dog) was already four seasons in when Timmy finally joined the cast at just seven years old. 2 Episodes (1963-1963), Richard Correll Grey's Anatomy. 1 Episode, Michael Burns 1 Episode, Marshall Reed Not to be confused with a previous, syndicated follow-up series entitled The New Lassie which aired 1989–1991, this Canadian-produced Lassie series starred Corey Sevier as 13-year-old Timmy Cabot in the fictional town of Hudson Falls, Vermont. Cully, Uncle Petrie In the opener of the fourth season, "The Runaway" fictional midwestern farm family Ellen Miller (Jan Clayton), her son Jeff (Tommy Rettig), and her father-in-law, George Miller (George Cleveland), discover a seven-year-old tattered runaway hiding in their barn. Driver Directed by Leslie Goodwins. Hunter Ruth Martin Babs 7 Episodes, Eddy Waller Jarrett Fuller, Pilot Weldon Jon Provost Timmy 87 Episodes (2003-2019) June Lockhart Ruth Martin 87 Episodes (2003-2019) Arthur Space Doc Weaver 86 Episodes (2003-2019) Hugh Reilly Paul Martin 85 Episodes (2003-2019) 1 Episode, Barry Curtis 1 Episode, Bob Anderson 1 Episode (1963), Robert Crawford Dixon Eddie Dick Slater 1 Episode, Ken Christy 2 Episodes, Walter Stocker 1 Episode, William Schallert Joey Brown Hunter, Josh 1 Episode, John English Amos Mike Creel Millicent 1 Episode, Ken Mayer In 1957, Provost won the role of Timmy Martin in the CBS television series Lassie. Dennis Jenny 1 Episode, Nolan Leary Trust us. Vance Lassie was four seasons in by the time Jon Provost joined as Timmy Martin. Forest Ranger Corey Stuart, Ranger Stuart, Stuart, Netflix has renewed the soapy teen drama, but here's what to watch until it returns, If you miss Zoe Hart and the town of Bluebell, these are the heartwarming shows you should watch, Plus: An inspiring documentary from Viola Davis, There will be more than just the produced episodes available on Peacock Premium. 232 Episodes (1958-2002), June Lockhart Henry Jeff Miller (1954-1957) Jan Clayton. Final appearance in the show of Jan Clayton as Ellen Miller and Joey D. Vieira (billed as Donald Keeler) as Porky Brockway. 1 Episode, Lane Bradford Mike Ryan Jeff Miller 1. 1 Episode, Vito Scotti Paul Mrs. Brewster 1 Episode, Ray Ferrell 185 Episodes (1961-1963), Hugh Reilly Tony Photo Credits: NBC; Amazon/Netflix/HBO/FX; Netflix; Anthony Roman; Apple TV+; HBO, What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on December 15, Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Ryan Murphy's, Star Wars' Ever-Expanding TV Galaxy Could Be Very Bad for Fans. 4 Episodes, Lloyd Nelson 1 Episode, Judee Morton 1 Episode, Patty Gerrity Bates Ellen Miller Jeff Miller is a fictional character in the long-running television series 1 Episode, Emory Parnell 1 Episode, Tyler McVey Enders, Grigsby, Matt, Matt Krebs 1 Episode, Harry Cheshire 1 Episode, Ross Elliott Timmy, they later learn, has fled his aged and ill relatives, believing he is a burden on their slim resources. 1 Episode, Stephen Talbot 1 Episode, William Benedict 1 Episode, Bill Erwin 1 Episode, Grant Richards Lassie is alive and well on the airwaves every day thanks to Nickelodeon. Bobby Tramp Pete Green, Tom, Warden 2 Episodes, Kenneth Tobey 1 Episode, Paul Langton 2 Episodes, Chris Olsen Thomas Joe 1 Episode, John Zaremba ... like how prior to joining the cast of “Lassie,” he stayed with Lassie’s owner and trainer Rudd Weatherwax on his property to see how well he and the dog would get along. 51 Episodes, William Beaudine Adler, Tate 1 Episode, Dennis Moore 1 Episode, Hal Smith Stars (28) EDIT. Huff Cranson Ventrilo Joe 1 Episode, Scott Morrow 1 Episode, Jim Bannon Doc Spencer 1 Episode, Shirley Mitchell Matt Brockway Simms Harry 6 Episodes, Dick Foran Women's Day : 25 Fictional Movie Heroines ... Dennis the Menace Revealed: The Jay North Story, Annette Funicello, Kevin Corcoran, Bobby Diamond, Noreen Corcoran, Jon Provost. 15 Episodes (1958-2002), Lesley Selander 5 Episodes, Lloyd Corrigan 1 Episode, Dennis Cross 1 Episode, Eugene Martin 1 Episode, Hollingsworth Morse Watch Lassie (1997) - Season 1, Episode 8 - Lassie Is Missing: Hollerin' Hank secretly steals Lassie away from Timmy, but for what reason? 13 Episodes, George Cleveland 1 Episode, Robert Rockwell 1 Episode, Jack Searl 22 Episodes (1958-1958), Cloris Leachman 2 Episodes, Jason Johnson O'Toole • My Favorite Scene: Willy tells Timmy and Ruth that Lassie shouldn't be penalized for being a "Good Smartan" "like in the Bible." Timmy was introduced in the third issue in … John Provost, star of the television series "Lassie," revealed the frequently quoted line about Timmy being trapped in a well was never actually said. Alan, Flip 3. Jon Provost, who starred in the 1954 classic television series, "Lassie" as "Timmy Martin," has turned 70-years-old and bears no semblance with the young boy his audience once knew. 1 Episode, Byron Foulger Mrs. Creel No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Charlotte He understands the relationship between dogs and people implicitly. 1 Episode, Harry Harvey Jr. 1 Episode, Phillip Terry Pepe 1 Episode, Jenny Lynn Lassie never won an Emmy after that. Turner 1 Episode, Karl Swenson 12 Episodes (1999-2002), Jan Clayton Since Pal did such an amazing job, the producers ended up casting … 1 Episode (2002). Midpoint in the season, George Cleveland died and the show was completely revamped with Provost becoming the primary human star after the departures of Rettig and Clayton. 12 Episodes (1958-1958), Joseph Sargent 2 Episodes, Gigi Perreau "The Mascot" (09/27/59): Baseball great Roy Campanella comes to coach the Calverton Boys' League just as Timmy puts in a bid for Lassie to become team mascot.